What is Sustainable Seafood?

Wild-caught or farmed seafood that meets our dietary needs, without compromising the health of marine ecosystem for future generations is considered sustainable. WWF has promoted sustainable seafood for decades - we encourage the public and the industry to use our Seafood Guide and choose sustainable items from the Green and Yellow lists, and avoid items on the Red list.

WWF’s Role

Seafood is an integral part of Hongkongers’ diets - we can’t get enough of it. As a result, our per capita consumption has long been among the world's highest - Hong Kong ranks second in terms of seafood consumption in Asia and eighth in the world. United Nations FAO data shows that aquaculture and wild-caught fisheries production is increasing steadily, illustrating that the demand for seafood continues to grow across the globe. To halt the depletion of marine resources, WWF has been working with seafood suppliers, restaurants and retailers to source and promote sustainable seafood and make it mainstream in the market.

The Sustainable Seafood Business Membership Programme

To partner with the industry and promote sustainable seafood, WWF has developed a supplier e-directory to help businesses procure sustainable seafood. Seafood products from suppliers will be assessed by WWF and listed on the platform, meaning that sustainable seafood is available at anyone’s fingertips. Businesses can enhance their brand image by promoting sustainable seafood on their menus or sales platforms and using the WWF sustainable seafood badge!

Sustainable Seafood Membership Entitlement

  Restaurant, Hotels, Retailers Suppliers
Access to Sustainable Seafood Supplier e-directory
(products listed on the e-directory)
Use of Sustainable Seafood Badge
Marketing materials N/A
Educational factsheet
Seafood products or menus listed on the Seafood Guide website
(only applicable to seafood listed in the Seafood Guide)

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We work with caterers and the seafood industry on many levels and devise programmes specific to their sectors. 

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