Greenland Halibut

Second Choice
Scientific name
Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
Greenland (Northeast Atlantic)
Production method
Bottom long lining
IUCN status
Near threatened
Stock status

The estimated biomass has narrowly reached sustainable levels, but the stock size dropped in 2018. Since 2014, there are fewer juvenile fish reaching reproductive stage.

Ecological effects

Some slow-growing shark and ray species, such as the Greenland shark and the blue skate, are reported as bycatch species of halibut fisheries. Data on this fishery’s discard rate and catch composition is insufficient. The effect of this fishery on the ecosystem is unknown. Impact to habitat is minor. 


Management is considered partly effective. Measures pertaining directly to endangered, threatened, protected (ETP) species are not in place. Regulations are in force to protect vulnerable habitats in Greenland’s waters. Monitoring is effectively implemented and fisheries activity is effectively controlled within Greenland’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Fisheries policy is largely transparent and stakeholder participation is enforced.