Atlantic Mackerel

Second Choice
Scientific name
Scomber scombrus
Production method
Pelagic gillnets
IUCN status
Least concern
Stock status

The mackerel stock appears to be healthy. Fishing and survey data is available, and the scientific advice for long-term productivity or recovery of the stock seems to be adequately defined.

Ecological effects

Gillnet fishery is likely to cause significant damage to marine mammals and seabirds. Fishery discard is banned in Norway. The overall bycatch rate is low. Surface fisheries by pelagic gillnets gear do not damage sensitive benthic habitats.


Mackerel fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic are managed under the European Union and Norway via a bilateral agreement. Management includes setting fish quotas, protection of endangered, threatened, protected (ETP) species and Norway’s ban on fishery discard. Management is considered partly effective.