Spot Prawn

First Choice
Scientific name
Pandalus platyceros
Production method
Pots (traps)
IUCN status
Not evaluated
Stock status

Current stock status is considered healthy. Total allowable catch in recent years has not been fully realised. Due to effective management measures, overfishing is not an issue that bodes well for future long-term yield.

Ecological effects

The fishery is not likely to cause significant damage to any listed, overfished, or highly vulnerable species. The bycatch and discards of other species are low. Ecosystem change caused by this fishery is unlikely. Pots and traps have low to moderate effects on ocean bottom habitat.


This fishery is run by the Pacific Fishery Management Area (PFMA) and Department of Fisheries and Ocean Canada (DFO). Management regulations include risk assessment of habitat protection, a national action plan on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities. Overall, management is considered largely effective.