Ox Crab/Brown Crab

First Choice
Scientific name
Cancer pagurus
Production method
Pots (traps)
IUCN status
Not evaluated
Stock status

The stock is in good condition. The percentage of total weight in female stock old enough to spawn are above target, but the percentage of male stock is uncertain. For long-term yields, stock is fished at a rate likely to maintain stock. 

Ecological effects

This fishery will not cause significant damage to endangered, threatened, protected (ETP) species. The discard rate of this fishery is high but with a high survival rate. Pot fisheries are well-known to have minor effects on the entire ecosystem. Pots and traps have low to moderate effects on ocean bottom habitat. 


Overall, management is partly effective. The ox crab fishery is not subject to the European Union’s total allowable catch regulations. Transparency and compliance are quite high. Monitoring and the availability of data need major improvement.