Japanese Jack Mackerel

First Choice
Scientific name
Trachurus japonicus
Production method
Handlining and Pole-and-lines
IUCN status
Near threatened
Stock status

There are two stocks for the Japanese jack mackerel. The Pacific stock is said to be overfished while the Tsushima warm current stock appears to be in better condition, with stock seemingly appropriately used. 

Ecological effects

Even if many endangered, threatened, protected (ETP) species are likely to overlap extensively with a number of fisheries in Japan, the impact of pole and line is deemed to be negligible. To minimise impact, several mitigation techniques can be used along with employing quick release of non-target species. Discards of the handlining and pole-and-lining fishery are expected to be negligible with high survival rates. The fishery is not causing significant negative ecosystem changes and fishery by handlining and pole-and-lining as a surface fishing technique does not damage sensitive benthic habitats. 


The fishery is run by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). Compliance and enforcement appear to be working however, there is room for improvement (for example, by increasing the number of patrol boats). The transparency of this fishery is moderate, with most of the information available online. Overall management is partly effective.