Blue Swimming Crab

Scientific name
Portunus pelagicus; Portunus trituberculatus
Philippines (Indian Ocean)
Production method
Pots (traps)
IUCN status
Not evaluated
Stock status

Based on the biological and life history characteristics, this species is said to be quite resilient to fishing pressures and not vulnerable to overfishing. However, the stock is not well-monitored with only limited information available on these species. General literature suggests that stocks in most parts of the region are overexploited.

Ecological effects

No information on the interaction with vulnerable species is available. Traps generally have low bycatch and the discard rate of this fishery is low. It has low to moderate effects on ocean bottom habitat.


Each country has its own individual management system. A worldwide consistent management for the blue swimming crab would allow for a common evaluation system of management practices. Few measures are in place and their effectiveness is unknown while enforcement is weak.

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