Mud Crab

Scientific name
Scylla serrata
Production method
IUCN status
Not evaluated
Source of fry

Juveniles are caught from overexploited stocks. 


Farming of the species involves fattening. The species uses low-value feed such as minced low-value fish, corn, shellfish, etc. The fish-in-fish-out ratio is moderate, meaning that considerably large volumes of fish are introduced into the system as feed to produce one kilogram of mud crab. The feed’s traceability is low.  

Ecological effects

The production method can create moderate water discharge, and the production system in ponds can create alterations in areas of moderate ecological sensitivity. Since juveniles are caught from the wild, escapes will not create much negative impact on the environment. The species suffers from various types of diseases, but there is no information regarding outbreaks, as well as information on chemical use. 


The regulatory framework in Myanmar is poor and ineffective.  The marine fisheries law in place is poorly enforced. The country also has poor management based on a lack of accordant regulations.   

Suggested alternatives