Large Yellow Croaker

Second Choice
Scientific name
Larimichthys crocea
Production method
Floating net cages
Source of fry



The species is carnivorous. Fresh trash fish are introduced into the system. The fish-in-fish-out ratio is relatively high, meaning that quite a large volume of fish is used in this farming system. The traceability of trash fish is low, but in China some of the yellow croaker farms use formula feed from suppliers that have traceability policies in place. For plant-based feed, most of them consist of GM soybean meal. 

Ecological effects

Due to floating net cages that directly open to sea, the water discharge of this harvest method may bring negative impacts to nearby areas. The habitat alteration is minor. The escape risk for this production method is high, and fish are from hatcheries that will negatively impact the environment. Chemicals are used in this production method but its impact to the surroundings is low.  


A comprehensive environmental impact assessment is lacking. China is focusing on land and water use, habitat protection, chemical usage. The overall management is partly effective.